Oregon Governor’s Proclamation

2017 Oregon Governor’s Proclamation: Problem Gambling Awareness Month 

Problem Gambling Awareness Guides

Problem Gambling Awareness Month, March 2017 — Guide To Having the Conversation: Families and Gambling (The Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling, 2017)

2017 Problem Gambling Awareness Month Toolkit (New York Council on Problem Gambling, 2017)

2010 Oregon Problem Gambling Resource Guide (Oregon Health Authority, 2010)

Select Resources from National Council on Problem Gambling’s PGAM Page (www.ncpgambling.org/pgam)



Week Overview 
Week 1: Gambling Awareness: Introduction to PGAM
Week 2: Screening: Problem Gambling & Co-Occurring Disorders
Week 3: National Advocacy: Fight for Federal Support for State PG Programs
Week 4: Special Populations: Veterans, Racial/Ethnic Minorities and Gaming Employees At Higher Risk 
Week 5: Sports Gambling & March Madness


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2010 Oregon Problem Gambling Resource Guide (2010)

“Have the Conversation” Materials:

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Problem Gambling 101

Below is is a great video you can share with others on what gambling addiction and treatment looks like:
“Community Matters” show on problem/disordered gambling, courtesy of Washington County Public Health.

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Middle School Art Search

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2015 Problem Gambling Awareness Month

The second annual National Problem Gambling Awareness Month was March 2015. Have something you’ve done that you’d like posted here? Contact us!

View the Governor’s Proclamation in Oregon


Middle school art search 

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